It's All Make Believe, Isn't it?
There are no coincidences.

Beth. 23. I heart Glee.

Warning: This blog is like Seaworld. Occasionally you will get drowned by a killer whale, the dolphins sometimes refuse to co-operate and the first three rows will get wet.

This means, I am guarded and private. I am also snarky and sarcastic. I also have a tendency to make inappropriately wanky comments. :)

Me/Heather's backside = OTP

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createdforogc said:
how were the Mets?

idk I spent more time in the Shake Shack line getting a burger than I did actually watching the game. 

I know that they lost tho. 

obstinate-questionings said:
you can come back now

if I come back will the jet lag go away?

Jet lag sucks

livingthelongroad said:
As a new jersey an who just left the city for the evening, I advise you to not overlook the street food on your NYC visit. Awesome food - burgers, pizza etc - in restaurants. But street might be best in the world. Or I'm drunk. Have fun on your stay:D

We went to The Halal Guys! It was awesome!

I could probably get used to this hanging around airports thing.

On the right side of the pond.

obstinate-questionings replied to your post: Oh shit

Come to meeeeeeeeeeee


soooo cloooseeee

Oh shit

Anonymous said:
What are you gonna be doing in NY? Are you moving there?

Nope. I’m visting Margie :)

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