It's All Make Believe, Isn't it?
There are no coincidences.

Beth. 23. I heart Glee.

Warning: This blog is like Seaworld. Occasionally you will get drowned by a killer whale, the dolphins sometimes refuse to co-operate and the first three rows will get wet.

This means, I am guarded and private. I am also snarky and sarcastic. I also have a tendency to make inappropriately wanky comments. :)

Me/Heather's backside = OTP

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Anonymous said:
Beth, how are you? (:

I’m okay. I injured my back while visiting my mother this week but I’m awesome. 

Thanks for asking. 



Imagine one day coming across vintage fanfiction on your teenager’s phone and recognising it immediately because you wrote the porn your child is trying to hide from you

Oh, shit.

the next person who calls me long-winded is gonna have to deal with me calling up my mother and making them listen to her story of how she fixed her toilet. 

 Yes, we had interesting lady sex…


Heather’s playing broken so well that it physically HURTS me. So I’m going to redirect my attention to the fact that, as always, unlike Naya’s awkward pillow-lips approach, she just GOES FOR IT. In the first gif you can distinctly see her taking Naya’s bottom lip between her own. 


The block/ignore function on here is way too weak like I need an option where the person I block can’t see any of my posts and can’t reblog any of my posts and when they attempt to reblog my shit a message pops up that says to go fuck themselves

One more shift to go before 10 days off… holla holla holla


Prince George of Cambridge attends a Plunket Play Group at Government House on April 9, 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand.

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