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Beth. 23. I heart Glee.

Warning: This blog is like Seaworld. Occasionally you will get drowned by a killer whale, the dolphins sometimes refuse to co-operate and the first three rows will get wet.

This means, I am guarded and private. I am also snarky and sarcastic. I also have a tendency to make inappropriately wanky comments. :)

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dexphagus replied to your post “Are you going to NYC to stay or just for vaca?”

I’m being a busybody. Who’s Miranda and Margie? Either way, have a safe trip!

Miranda is andalsoplustoo and margie is obstinate-questionings

they’re both my go to ladies for errything but most brittana feels and beta stuff. 

They my besties. I luff em. 

littleoases replied to your post “Tbh even this gives me heya feels”

we’re all in the same boat then


something happens with these two: heya feels 



There can never be too many gifs of the kiss

still not over it

Anonymous said:
wait, why is it a shitstorm? what is going on? i thought it was just the "secret wedding" reveal, did something else happen?

For happy news, people don’t seem to be acting happy. All the press  seem to be talking about is the fact that she was going to marry big sean and that she used kim kardashian’s hair stylist. 

EDIT: and like if she’s happy about it then it probably sucks that everyone’s like not really taking this seriously. 

Well, this is a shit storm lol

#oh naya  
Anonymous said:
Beth, is it weird to want to re-read your Heya EINQE and die of more Heya feels but with your happy ending?? Ugh I hate these two so much pain

sarah-crewe has already told me off once for writing that fic today

any time anything happens in the heya fandom that remotely relates to that fic I get told off so knock yourself out yo

Anonymous said:
Do you have a layover anywhere? If not, just try to get there early so you get to your gate with lots of time. You may have to wait even longer, but you can settle in and ease your anxiety by knowing you're in the right place. Once you arrive to your destination, you can take time to leave the airport. It usually takes a little bit for the luggage to arrive, so you're not in a super rush.

Nope. I’m taking a straight Heathrow to JFK route. My flight leaves at 2pm and I’m leaving around 8:30am and live about an hour away from the airport so it leaves me a good amount of time. 

Anonymous said:
I've been flying at least four times every year for the past nine years, and those are fourteen hour flights. I'm alive and well, so you should be fine too ;) If you're sensitive to dry air, try getting your hands on a mask like the ones surgeons wear. Those really help to keep your nose and lips from drying out.

I’m not afraid of flying. I’m anxious about the airport part.

infinitecharlies said:
Are you going to NYC to stay or just for vaca?

I wish.

10ish days

I’m going to visit Margie and see her for the first time in over 2 years and Miranda for the first time ever after speaking to her for like… 3 years.

Anonymous said:
Herbal anxiety medication aka pot? or...? You'll be fine on the plane. I fly twice a year to visit my family. Sometimes connecting flights. Its scary shit but you'll be fine. Just hope for no babies near your seat or smelly men/women. Also if the person behind you keeps on kicking your seat, tell them off, politely of course cause people suck! Especially when locked in a flying tin can.

Yeah I’m taking pot on a flight from London to NY. That’ll go really well. And I’ve never flown on my own before. I’ve never been out of the country on my own before.

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