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There are no coincidences.

Beth. 23. I heart Glee.

Warning: This blog is like Seaworld. Occasionally you will get drowned by a killer whale, the dolphins sometimes refuse to co-operate and the first three rows will get wet.

This means, I am guarded and private. I am also snarky and sarcastic. I also have a tendency to make inappropriately wanky comments. :)

Me/Heather's backside = OTP

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I waited over four years for this and now I’m like “I can’t follow Heather Morris on Twitter. That’s weird”


mass-nude leak


Anonymous said:
hi beth! i really hope you had a wonderful time in NYC! i am so thrilled you got in echoes feels while you were there! the truth is, i can't wait to see what happens next in that fic. i have surgery tomorrow, and i will be in the hospital for some time. it would really mean so much to me if you could tell me if you at least have some idea where to take the story next and if you plan to start writing it again. thank you so much. you have no idea what your beautiful stories mean to me.

I’ve known what happens for almost three years. 

I promised some people that I’d try and write a chapter after I came back from New York and I’m working on some stuff for it right now. I think it’ll be good for me considering that I’ve hit a road block in the other story I was writing. 

Anonymous said:
UnholyTrinity Prompt: canon, after Quinn has Beth, her grades take a nose dive and she doesn't get into any colleges, she ends up working at a clothing store in Lima. After Britt flunks her senior year Santana decides to stick around Lima until Britt graduates, she gets a job to save up money. After Britt graduates the 3 are tired of Lima & decide to move to NYC together, work & figure out a way to survive. The main story is them working multiple jobs as they learn how to hustle to get by.

I don’t take prompts. 

sweet-ladykisses said:
There are some apps that can help you readjust with Jetlag (JetLag Genie for one), one of my mom's magazines had a blurb that said British scientists believe it can have a "profound disruption" to over 1000 genes that regulate your body clock. Feel better soon!

I feel a lot better today but still not 100% myself lol

For leaving me rife with In Echoes feels

Anonymous said:
Did you eat street food when you were in New York? It's possible you're sick from that?

I did but I’m eating fine and all that stuff. 

Everyone has reassured me that it’s jet lag. 

I’m tired, sluggish, confused and occasionally nauseous. I have slight memory loss and aching limbs but that’s about it. 

Jet lag or the flu?

Who knows?

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