It's All Make Believe, Isn't it?
There are no coincidences.

Beth. 23. I heart Glee.

Warning: This blog is like Seaworld. Occasionally you will get drowned by a killer whale, the dolphins sometimes refuse to co-operate and the first three rows will get wet.

This means, I am guarded and private. I am also snarky and sarcastic. I also have a tendency to make inappropriately wanky comments. :)

Me/Heather's backside = OTP

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she looks like naya again


acousticaffair said:
Why do I have the feeling that (IE)Santana is gonna have sex with Will or has already had it...


gounicorn13 said:
will you ever consider writing Brittany's POV Rhythms verse?

I will be :)

Anonymous said:
Yes, Masters of Sex, thank you!

You’re welcome!

Anonymous said:
will you ever write a fic in brittanys pov because I really wanna read her thoughts on how badly she wants to fuck santanas brains out

I’ve written a few fics in Brittany’s POV :D


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Always And Forever
Heatwave  -  Too Hot to Handle
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Heatwave - Always And Forever

I have wrote almost 20k of fill-it fic for 100/101 and I’m not done. 

Grocery shopping on easter monday and all the easter eggs have been reduced.

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